Ragin' River Kiko Farm Herd Sire


Christopher & Dorman Patrick



Ragin’ River Kiko Farm is 480 acres along the Cumberland River bordered by the Daniel Boone National Forest.

Our goal is to produce a fast growing 60 to 80 pound grade #1 meat goat; seed stock is our primary focus on a forage base feeding program. We cull animals with Hoof problems, heavy parasite loads, and we expect twin births to be a must.

Our forage consists of Browse, Orchard grass, Timothy, Clover Pastures and Festulolium Pastures with Orchard Grass and Sericea Hay.

Our herd sires are Sky’s Sports Kat, the broadest rear end in the Kiko breed; also we have BBMs Nick’s Flash, a son of the Famous Nick and ECR Gloria. One of the BEST does in the breed today. He is a very tall goat with deep broad chest and produces nice does.

A lot of producers are going back to the original genetics. Here at Ragin’ River Kiko Farm we feel we have taken the original genetics and improved them and are very excited about OUR Future Genetics.