IKGA KikoFest 2006

Gray, Tennessee ~ Appalachian Fairgrounds
Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, September 14 - 16, 2006
Thursday - Seminars
Friday - Educational Program and Workshops
Friday night - The IKGA Member Meeting
Saturday morning - KikoFest Auction
The Farm & Home Building was used for farm/vendor displays.

Photo Gallery

Education program audience

Education program audience

EPD Program

Expert Panel at work

FAMACHA Certification

Farm Bureau Tax Speaker

Gil doing FAMACHA certification

Ginny & David Linscott Original Art

Goat Check out table

Goat Supplies Vendor

Handout materials

High Meadows Kikos Farm Display

Jeanne MC of Auction 2

Jeanne MC of Auction

John Williamson selling garlic

John Williamson trimming hooves

Kiko Crosses

KikoFest 2006 Darrell Ailshie

KikoFest 2006 Dinner

KikoFest 2006 Expert Panel 2

KikoFest 2006 Expert Panel

KikoFest 2006 Gil Myers

KikoFest 2006 Kenneth Turner

KikoFest 2006 Kevin Pelzer

KikoFest 2006 Marvin and Bill Carter

KikoFest 2006 Marvin Shurley 2

KikoFest 2006 Marvin Shurley

KikoFest 2006 Richard Browning

Kim decorating

Leaning what buyers want

Learning about hoof trimming

Looking at farm displays

Lunch crowd

Marvin & Bill admiring sign

Marvin & Bill hanging sign 2

Marvin & Bill hanging sign

Marvin Shurley & Robert Swize (ABGA)

Marvin Shurley 2

Marvin Shurley AMGA

Marvin Shurley

Member Dinner - Good food

Member Dinner 2

Member Dinner

Michael & Lori Linscott

Mike Spencer at goat pens

More 4Hers selling stuff

Paul Brooks - MC

President Bill smiling

Pretty Decorations

Registration Desk

Robie Robinson on hoof trimming

Sharpe Farm Farm Display

Stoltz - Fans in the Stands

Vanguard Ranch Lunch Wagon

Virginia and the Virginia Boys