Gray, Tennessee ~ Appalachian Fairgrounds
Friday & Saturday, October 14 & 15, 2005
Friday - Educational Program and Workshops
Friday night - The IKGA Member Meeting
Saturday morning - KikoFest Auction
The Farm & Home Building was used for farm/vendor displays.


  • Fecal Analysis by Dr. Gil Myers and Ray Kruse

Educational Program - "The Best Learning Experience of 2005 for goat farmers"

  • Dr. Richard Browning - TSU Research (Breed Evaluation)
  • Dr. Gil Myers - Independent Parasatologist
  • Bindu Vanimisetti (VPI Ph.D Student) - NSIP EPD Evaluation
  • Lunch - Goat Burgers
  • Dr. Beth Johnson - Kentucky Veterinarian
  • Round Table Discussion
  • Farm Displays and Vendor Displays

Silent Auction

The Top Selling Buck (New Zealand Fullblood Kiko) sold in the Silent Auction for $1300. Ray Freeman of Oklahoma was the breeder and Ron & Suzette Novak of Tennessee are the new owners.

Standard Auction

The Top Selling Doe (American Premier Purebred Kiko exposed to New Zealand Fullblood Kiko) sold in the Standard Auction for $700. Q Farms of Tennessee was the breeder and Barry & Ginny Arnett (Sharpe Farm) of Kentucky are the new owners. A total of 87 goats sold in either the Silent or Standard Auction.


  • Financial Report - Dr. Hardev Patel
  • Registry Report - Barry Arnett
  • Kiko EPD Program - Dr. Jeanne Dietz-Band
  • IKGA Programs - Barry Arnett
  • KikoFest 2006 - Michael Wade (Sept. 15-16, 2006 in Gray, Tennessee)
  • Spring IKGA activities - Discussion

Photo Gallery

Assigning Auction IDs Auctioneer Auction Discussion VPI Ph.D Student, Bindu Vanimisetti, NSIP EPD
Check-In Table Chef Michael Wade and his FANTASTIC Chili Dr. Beth Johnson, KY Vet Dr. Browning, TSU
Dr. Gil Myers, KY Parasatologist Education Program Audience Farm Displays Fecal Analysis Workshop
Goats on Display Good Help in Auction Ring (Gary Burnett) Inspecting Goats Lots of setup work
Registration Silent Auction Thinking Hard Ray Freeman sold top-selling buck, New owners Ron and Suzette Novak of Tennessee
Two-legged kids Willing Volunteers, Krefts from KY