Goat Hoof Trimming

Although Kiko goats require much less hoof trimming than some other breeds, they still need an occasional check to see if trimming is necessary.

If you live in an area that has dry rocky soil, you will have to do less hoof trimming than if you lived in a wet soft soil area.

Some farmers place gravel or rocks so their goats have to pass over the rough surface on a daily basis. This, also, aids in naturally maintaining healthy hooves.

But if you do need to trim hooves, you will need a sharp hoof trimmer and a rasp to smooth and level the soles of the feet.

Many farmers start early with their kids so they get used to hoof trimming.

To trim a hoof, first secure the goat. Start with the front feet, stand at the side of the goat and lift the foot up. For the back feet stand at the back of the goat and lift the goat leg between your legs.

The diagram on the right outlines the key steps in the trimming process itself.

Hoof Trimming Diagram