Contract law varies from state to state so consult legal experts in your area to make sure any sales contract you prepare is valid. Having said this, there are some general principles that apply in writing a contract for the purchase of a goat (or anything else).

Click here to see a short course on basic contract law in the State of New Mexico.
Remember, laws in your state may be different.

Here are some items that you may want to address in your sales contract for a goat:

· Description of goat to be sold (including tattoos and/or microchip number)

· Current health of the goat

· Will the goat be picked up or delivered ? (is there a separate delivery charge?)

· Any breeding or other guarantees? (how will guarantee be honored ?)

· Any deposit required ?

· What payment methods are accepted? (personal check, cash, money order, etc.)

· Is the goat to be registered ? (by whom?)

· Is there a return policy ? (what conditions are covered by this policy?)

· Is a specific transition plan recommended to assist the goat move from one management system to another
  one ?

· Will a list of vaccinations or other health treatments be provided ?

The IKGA cannot offer legal advice, you must consult a local attorney to ensure all appropriate state and federal laws are complied with. The above information is offered for information purposes only.